Double push notifications on Smartthings App on iOS 14.4 with ST Hub v2 - 35.04 firmware

For at least 6 months, I have been experiencing double push notifications for device status on Smartthings App on iOS. Currently my Smartthings App is up-to-date and I am using iPhone 11 Pro Max with iOS 14.4. I have already migrated to the new app and deleted Smartthings Classic app. I tried to log-out & log-in, delete and re-install the new Smartthings app, disable event notifications through SmartApps (Notify me when) with no luck. I tried to contact with Smartthings support many times but cannot get any reply. I am using Smartthings Hub v2-UK and I am also using other Samsung IoT devices including home appliance and smart TVs. This is a big disappointment for me to be ignored as an active Smartthings user with approx. 50 sensors. As Smartthings community, is there anyone having any solutions to this problem? Thanks.

in menu > settings > notifications - you have the ability to disable all notifications or for individual devices.

you can disable all if needed and then use other smartapps, STHM or automations to send the notifications that you want.