Double command action after Platform Maintenance?

hi, My Devices Type are launching double command after just one press, is this a problem after the Platform Maintenance

this happen on android and ios, I think is not problem with ST App.

If you press the button refresh, the plataform send 2 refresh actions, every command is launched 2 times

Have someone else this kind of problems?

No, but I did notice two of my smartapps with polling of some sort were kind of repeating themselves. Opening them and clicking DONE seemed to have fixed.

yup… pollster stopped polling until you open it and clicking done again. I’m sure there are other. I just went in and did that for all my smartapps.

I had a bunch of switches throw doubles for about an hour, but it stopped without me doing anything. Server synch, maybe?

Twice more today, randomly, for about 15 minutes switches throwing doubles. And it would clear up again for a while.

I had a couple of my routines corrupted. The routines were still there, but there were things missing… like what switches to turn off and on… which of course makes them useless.

Looks like my SmartApp icons are gone after the update.