Multiple instances of App running?

I’ve created an App that has REST endpoints which will turn lights on/off based on incoming commands. This works fine except that I’ve noticed that it triggers multiple times for each REST call. For example, I send a single “On” command via wget to the REST endpoint and I see the App turning on the switch 3 times. I’m launching the App from my Android phone. The only explanation I can think of is that there are multiple instances of the App running somehow. Is this possible and if so how to I find out how many instances are running and how do I kill all but one?
BTW, when I go to the “My Apps” page of the phone App I only see one instance of this smartApp listed.

you might have them running in the simulator go the My SmartApps page and see if there is a blue box with your location name next to the SmartApp name.

You can also check your installed SmartApps on the location page on