Double bored doors and z-wave enabled locks

Both of my exterior doors have a deadbolt and a handle with a lock on it. What should I do about the z-wave lock? Remove the lock on the handle and just do a deadbolt? Interested to see what everyone else did.

Although I don’t have deadbolts… If I did, that is what I would do. I just replaced both my handles with kwikset zwaves. But I would do exactly what you are thinking if I had a deadbolt. It makes the most sense. You also are not going to be carrying a key, so you should change the handle so there is no way for it to lock. Or, you replace both of them with zwave devices. That seems a bit excessive though. :slight_smile:

I would strongly recommend carrying a key at all times with you in case of power outage/nuclear strike/internet EMP. That being said, my normal mode of operation is to only use the deadbolt and not use the locking feature of the handle set because then it’s very easy to lock yourself out while getting the paper or somesuch. So when we replace the front door I will just get the kwikset deadbolt and a normal lever/knob.

Do you already have the locks or are you ordering?

If you haven’t gotten them is look at
as it seems a deadbolt fits above it. This way when going out of town or in nervous occasion you have extra security.

Thanks for the feedback, everyone. Looks like I’ll go to a single deadbolt instead of the handle/deadbolt combo.

I haven’t ordered the locks yet. Before I realized this double bore issue I was looking at the Yale Real Living series. I’m planning on renting my house out on Airbnb, so having a lock that is easy to set temporary keys is a must.

@jeff_keen check out the Schlage Century or Camalot. I have 1 of each and last I checked Home Depot had it for $130 down from $199. Right now it’s back up to $199, but it’s always going up and down. FYI