How can I set this up... is Smart Lighting the right app?

Pantry door opens
Light comes on
Pantry door closes
Light goes off


If Pantry does not close
Light goes out after 2 minutes.

How do I do this?


Open the smart lighting app and configure as follows:

Smart Lighting Rule
Which lights do you want to control: Pantry Lights
What do you want to do: Turn on
Select Trigger: Open/Close
Which open/close sensor: Pantry Door
Turn on when: Opened
Turn off when closed: yes
You can set a delay here if you want.

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Nope, that only wants to turn the lights off when the door is closed. I need them to either turn off after 2 minutes, or turn off when EITHER door is closed or 2 minutes (in case the door is left open).

You can setup a 2nd rule to handle using the power allowance feature

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Just had knee operation today. Bare w/me and I’ll screen shot.[quote=“jgirvine, post:5, topic:47636, full:true”]
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I have the same need for my hallway closets which don’t have lighting…so I turn on my hallway lighting so I can see.

This is the 2nd rule…the 1st being your open close rule.


That did it… thanks