Door open/close counter using door sensor

Here is a very simple task I want to achieve . I want to be able to see a real time daily report of how many times my door got opened. I imagine something like

  1. I create my own web service end points
  2. Having smarting hub to receive information sensor and forward to custom end point

I am completely new to this whole ecosystem of smart-devices and I have no idea of where to get started. Can anyone please guide me through?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Check out webCoRE. You can also post on the webcore forum to ask how to create a piston to do what you want. The folks over there love helping others build pistons.

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This is doable in Webcore.
At a basic level, you would have a numeric variable. Call it ‘front_door_open’ or something.
You would have a reset at a particular time (once daily, once weekly, whatever your preference) to knock that variable back to zero.
You would then have the piston increment the variable each time the door’s contact sensor opens.

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