Smart Lock Intelligent Autolock using webcore

Hi, Im having trouble figuring out how to design an intuitive auto locking piston for a smart lock.

Its a rear door leading to a garden. I would like the door to lock itself when it closes (the door has a contact sensor) BUT only when there has been no motion in the garden (I have 2 cameras that relay motion events via ST) for 5 minutes.

basically, I want to try and avoid family members being locked out in the garden if they close the door behind them.

this is what I have so far but Im not sure its going to work -

NB: the motion triggers use switch rather than motion because they are actually virtual switches being triggered by cameras in a HomeKit environment. (long story)

anyone with a similar situation and or example pistons?

Too early in the morning but there are a lot of triggers in that piston. Wouldn’t the motion sensors detect motion when the door opens thus invalidating that part when you get to the door contact changes to closed?

Post on the webcore forum as there are some users who enjoy helping others build their pistons.

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ok thanks will do.

im sure the answer is ridiculously simple

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