Door Open/Close Action Changes Mode

Is there any way to change the Mode via a contact sensor on a door opening/closing?

I have placed a contact sensor on my bedroom door and would like SmartThings to change the mode from Home to Night when I close my bedroom door and go to bed. I have used the “when things quiet down” which has worked well but if I get up in the middle of the night to get a glass of water, I forget to switch the modes and set off the alarm. It would be nice if the action of the door opening automatically changed the mode back to Home. Anyone have any ideas?

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You could use a virtual switch that turns the alarm on and off. The switch is triggered by the door sensor. It not the most elegant way to do it but it works. (Not sure if it will interfere with other configurations for your alarm though?!)

Yea but where is the setting or the app that allows the mode to change based on a “switch” turning on/off?