Newbie question to control door sensor

So I have put a door sensor on my toddler sons door cause he gets out of bed and tries to sneak out of his room. What I want to be able to do is turn the sensor on and off when I want then when it’s on I get a alert on my phone that he has opened the door. How can I set that up?

You can set up the notification as a custom rule in Smart Home Monitor. Near the bottom will be a “More options” button. In there you can either set a time window (if it’s a predictable time range) or use a mode to enable/disable it.

I do the exact same thing for my son, I set the rule to only run when the mode is “night”. Using a schedule, like @btk mentioned, is a good way to do it as well.

I just wish it could be set up differently in the alarm setting. Instead of being set up as a intruder Alert ? Maybe I am doing it wrong? I just want to be able to turn it on and off at will

I don’t think there’s anything built-in that would let you do this, but it should be easy enough to whip something up.

Sit tight. Let me see what I can do.

Ok, here we go. This worked in my limited testing, but I take no responsibility if it fails to alert you, kicks your dog, or burns down your house. =)

Start by following @mattjfrank’s excellent tutorial on creating a virtual switch. This will be the button that you use to enable/disable the alert.

Then install the following SmartApp:

In the preferences for the app, you’ll be asked to select the door sensor, the switch to use, and your notification preferences.

Note that you may need to toggle the virtual switch once to get it into an on/off state (it starts with a value of ‘0’).

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I would love to use this from github. But I have no idea on how to install this from gift hub. I would like to learn can anyone point me in a direction how to set it up? A easy step by step guide