Change mode when door is opened

(Anthony Combs) #1

For some reason, I downgraded several features with Hub 2.0. I need a way to change a mode if a door opens. For Example, if garage door opens change the house to Guest mode. Do not make this change if already in home mode.

I can’t find this with the smartapps now. Does anyone know of an option?

(Joe) #2

Create a virtual switch and then turn on the virtual switch when your door sensor opens. then use the switch changes mode app.

The switch changes mode app lets you change mode when a switch is turned on/off.

(Anthony Combs) #3

Ha! I used to be able to create Virtual Switches with Hub 1.0. I can’t seem to figure this out in Hub 2.0. To be honest this hub is proven to be very limited at the moment. I hope they do some software upgrades.

(Joe) #4

You create the virtual switch in the IDE and then it will show up as a device in your app. Have you used the IDE?

(Anthony Combs) #5

I see. I was actually able to do this inside of a Routine but thinks for the advice.

(Joe) #6

Ha! I keep forgetting about the routines! Thanks for teaching me something. lol