Door Movement Detection Application Using Zigbee (IAS Zone Cluster)

I am developing a Door Movement Detection Application based on Zigbee Stack. Basically I am using an Accelerometer sensor for this detection. I came across IAS Zone Cluster in Zigbee which can be utilized for selecting the zone type like motion sensor and Vibration/Movement sensor. So, I am bit puzzled that with which zone type shall I go for my Door Movement Detection Application. Motion sensor or Vibration/Movement sensor.??

If you are using an accelerometer, than normally you would be reporting as a vibration/movement sensor. A motion sensor is more typically for a PIR sensor.

Note the vibration/movement sensor can report two separate values one for “vibration” and one for “movement.” In both cases this refers to the sensor itself. Movement of the sensor.

In contrast, the motion sensor is reporting “motion” (more technically a heat delta) across the detection field, but the sensor itself remains motionless.

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Thank you so much @JDRoberts I was very confused about this. Thanks for Answering.

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