Which Zigbee Cluster/Attribute to read for motion detection?

I would like to know which zigbee cluster id and attribute id contains the motion detection data. I tried the standard zigbee occupancy sensing cluster (0x0406) and attribute id 0x0000 but it doesn’t seem like what smartthings motion sensor (SKU: IM6001-MTP01) is implementing. Or it might also be that I am addressing the wrong endpoint.

Can someone please help with knowing which cluster, attribute, and endpoint I should be addressing for motion detected/clear data?

To clarify, I am not using the smartthings hub, I have configured my own hub/coordinator with Xbee which worked just fine with another centralite sensor.

Your best bet would be to look at the public groovy device handler code.

Thanks! It turns out that smartthings motion sensor implements the IAS Zone Cluster (0x0500) instead of the occupancy cluster (0x0406). So in summary I got cluster ID 0x0500, attribute ID 0x0002, and endpoint 0x01