Door Locks not working?

(Josh Gruberman) #1

I have my system set up to automatically lock my front and back doors when my phone(mobile presence sensor) leaves the area. Well for some reason, it stopped working and now my doors won’t lock/unlock when I’m around/away. Any way I can troubleshoot this or somewhere I can start looking for help?

(Dan Fox) #2

Check lock batteries?

(Josh Gruberman) #3

They’ve been replaced. Also show as set to Lock/Unlock in the app for the Presence actions for “When Everybody Leaves”(I’m the only presence device)

(Jimmy) #4

Can you manually control them form the app?

(Josh Gruberman) #5

That’s a very good question. I’m hoping not actually and that it will be indicative that they’ve somehow fallen off the system and I just need to re-add them to work properly again. To answer your question, I don’t know. I will check when I get home shortly.

(Josh Gruberman) #6

Interestingly enough, I cannot. I can control the back door deadbolt from the app, but the front door doesn’t respond to commands. However, locking and unlocking manually reflects the correct status in the app.

( - Make your home your butler!) #7

You should exclude and re pair your lock. But before doing so report it to ST support and let them look into it. This is an issue that has started up and ST is looking for some cases to investigate why it is happening.

(Bobby) #8

You may want to hold off on exclusion…

(Josh Gruberman) #9

I actually unpaired and repaired from the door lock and it works now.