Cell Phone Presence Sensor stopped working

I have three cell phones used as a presence sensor. All three use to work. On May 20th one of the cell phones returned to the house, ST recognized it’s arrival, but now will not recognize it as leaving any longer. Because of this that cell phone never unlocks the front door automatically upon arrival.

What is the best way to reset this? Reboot the hub? Run a fix and repair? Or something else?

Thanks in advance.

Try logging out/in of the app on the problem phone.

Will give that a try this evening when my son comes home.


That worked! Thanks.

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all of a sudden, my son’s presence is tied up to my account.

when i am away or home, his presence coincides with mine.

we do have separate accounts.

we have both logged-out on my and his account and he has also deleted and re-installed his smartthings app with the same issues…

all was working fine till a week or so ago… what gives?