Presence sensor unlock but only 1 door locks back

This one is a bit strange to me…

Schlage locks in both doors. When arriving home I have the smart apps set so that both the front and side doors unlock. The only door that will lock back is which ever door was open / closed. The unused door will stay unlocked. How do I get the unused door to lock back at the same interval as the door that’s used?

I tried installing a smart app that would trigger an unlocked door to lock back after an adjustable amount of time but for some reason that app says it’s missing metadata and it does not recognize my locks upon installation and therefore does not show up as a smart app.

I’ve hunted all through the smart apps that installed when I installed the locks and canot find resolution to this issue. I have an autistic child I need to keep from wandering off.

I appreciate any assistance / input…thank you!

This is a knows bug in ST Doors app since I remember. They call it a “feature”. If you don’t open and then close the door, it won’t auto-lock. I have the same issue. A while back, my android presence sensor used to magically teleporting me places and then back, in the middle of the night. That would keep the door unlocked. It was not great…

There is a workaround. Lets say you have two doors and two locks: D1-L1, D2-L2. You need to create two more dummy doors: D1-L2, D2-L1. Then, configure them to auto-lock.

This will work most of the time. The only culprit is that if you are at home and your presence sensor decides that you departed and then arrived. If you have doors unlocking on arrival, it will not auto-lock them, because neither of your doors opened/closed.

It would be great if ST would take care of this. Support said they will consider it as a feature request. I consider it a major home security loophole.

I will look into creating a smart app to address that. I should have done that long ago.

I really appreciate your response :smile:

I tried Auto Lock Door by Chris Sader (@csader) and that fixed the issue. It’s too bad it’s not built into the ST smart apps as you’ve mentioned.

Do you have the link handy?

Give me a moment I’ll dig it up


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