Schlage lock / Door Sensor - lock not locking when door closed

Previously, I just used the timer in the lock to lock the door after 30 sec. of being unlocked. After adding door sensors to both front and rear doors, the front door locks when closed as directed from the smart app, but the back door does not.

Both doors accept manual direction from the app and both doors report status as they should, seemingly with out delay. Both doors settings are the same within Smart Things Smart Apps.

The back door is on another floor from the hub (split level foyer - hub upstairs. front door in foyer, back door in basement). Is it possible the lock door command is not executing because of distance? Otherwise everything works well.

Any help / suggestions would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Maybe not related but my Kwikset lock will stop auto locking when the battery gets below about 70%. The red LED starts flashing every 15 seconds or so at this point. Everything about the lock/ST system works until the batteries die, it just stops auto locking.

Good to know. I really appreciate your response!

I set Smart App so that no modes were checked (Away, Home, Night) and it worked as it was supposed to. Front door worked with all modes checked…go figure.