Cannot Create Scene

I have tried several times to create a scene in the Android version of the mobile app. I get the Message:

Something’s Wrong

We can’t load your screen right now.

Any suggestions?

Reboot your phone completely.

Tried that, did not work.

Which android app? Classic or new? (Circle or flower icon)

Classic. Everything else in the app seems to work fine. When I touch “Add a Scene” it switches to the “Add Devices” screen and then reports the error a few seconds later.

Remove the app and re-add on your phone.

Tried that, did not work.

Okay, I have now tried to create a scene on two Android phones and an Android tablet. All of them report the same error. So, I assume it’s not the app or my phone.

Call/Email support.

FWIW, it still working for me on iOS in Classic.

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I migrated to hub v3 and my scenes were working great. After trying to resolve issues related to adding more devices which required adding and removing devices multiple times, including devices used in scenes, I now have the same error.

Did you find a way to make scenes work again?

I have been in email contact with SmartThings Support. I still cannot create a scene in the SmartThings classic app.

I can create scenes in the new app; but I cannot edit them in the classic app.

Can you create in classic and edit in classic? Scenes on the new app are different than the classic app since they allow devices besides lights to be added.

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@Brad_ST. I am having this exact issue. I touch “Add a Scene” and get the something’s wrong screen.
Any idea what the problem might be?

The app is trying to load a high number of devices and is timing out. Do you see this behavior if you try to create a scene in the new app?

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I do not see this behavior in the new app, just the Classic app. I don’t often use the new app. I do have a lot of devices though.

Understood. I don’t know if or when that error will be addressed in the Classic app unfortunately.

Okay thanks. I take it that it is a known issue?

If it wasn’t before I flagged it, it is now but based on my quick evaluation greater than 99.999% of users are unaffected.

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