SmartThings Research Survey

Hey ST Community.

SmartThings Research needs your help. Would you mind filling out a quick survey in regards to Scenes and Routines? It’ll only take a few minutes, promise!!

Please click the link to go to the Google Form.

As always, we appreciate your feedback.


Brent Lowe,
Director of UX Research

Won’t let me log in. Immediately jumps to a page that says:

You need permission

This form can only be viewed by users in the owner's organization.

Can’t sign-in.

Can’t log in, either.


Try this link

Try this link. Sorry

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try this link:

All the suggestions for renaming are bad. They will make users more confused.


Especially because they’ll make every thread on here describing a technique to accomplish something obsolete.


Agree, renaming is totally unnecessary. Alexa and Google Home use the same terminology. Only difference if their routines can be started by a voice command.


I totally agree and I think you are being generous in that description.

The two suggestions for Scenes are not only bad but misrepresent them by implying they are for manual operation. They conflate the Scenes themselves with the buttons that run them on demand in the app.

Those for Routines are just bad.

I am still a believer in the traditional approach of explaining what things do rather than trying to convey it all in a name. I’ve always found a discreet, but obvious, (?) or (i) leading to information works effectively, or the tried and tested ‘Help’ menu item.

Even the ‘Explore’ section would work if it actually contained practical information.

One way to improve the UX would be to display the Scenes similarly to the Routines on the Automations page so they are differentiated by the Scenes having a ‘run now’ button and the Routines an enable/disable slider. Emphasise the similarity as well as the difference. As it stands the Scenes buttons are useless on small screens anyway as you can’t see enough of the labels.


Rework the app completely… not lightly typed, not easily done but 100% necessary

A post asking for input from experienced users to help novices is not about naming convention on an already established format, you could help everyone by re designing the app in sooo many ways

The scary thing is that the new Google Home app preview, which is absolutely terrible, seems to be copying it. Not only are Google inept at user interfaces, they don’t even recognise a bad one.


Agreed and I noted such. I think the confusion is less about the name and more about what they do.