Don't install Samsung SmartCam's Android App

Just a note that if you get a Samsung SmartCam for the holidays, don’t install the SmartCam Android app. Just integrate the camera directly into SmartThings.

As has been noted in the reviews for the Android SmartCam app, it won’t close, it won’t stop opening, and it won’t stop overlaying other opened apps. I’ve just force stopped it, which hopefully will prevent the problems.

This is fairly new behavior, so assuming a recent update broke the app. Normally a broken app is something we live with, but not when the app breaks all other functionality.

You don’t need the app to view the camera. You can view the camera through SmartThings, as long as the camera is active. And you can change it’s settings online, via web interface, though the web site also has significant problems.

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Just wanted to note that Samsung released a new version of the app last night, and so far, it looks to be behaving itself.

Still, you can use ST to manage your app. I use a simulated switch to turn the camera on and off, and then the SmartCam app (in Marketplace) to view the camera.