Curious about getting a samsung camera. Any Feedback

Amazon has a lot of mixed reviews on the Samsung SmartCam. I am more curious on users input from Smartthings. What are your experiences? Is it worth it? And do you have the $5 a month video service?

I use SmartCam with SHM and it works ok. It has a wide angle lens, so I placed it in the corner of the room and it covers the entire room. Image quality is very good both in daylight and at night. Works with SHM pretty well. Occasionally clips are not recorded for unknown reason, but most of the time it works. Note, that if you have a camera attached to SHM, it will not run locally though. I don’t pay for video service.

I looked at it, and it seems expensive for the features and the lack of ability to control it directly via ST made it less than compelling.

I have one and I like it for the most part.

-High quality images
-Works with ST SHM

-Had to put electrical tape over the front facing LED because even if you turn it off in app settings it comes back on
-The native app is not user friendly
-The device type has the switch capability which I used to turn the camera off when I’m home and turn it on when I’m not or sleeping. And ST cannot use the camera if you turn it off via the switch capability. HOWEVER, the camera still works through the native app so just be aware. I ended up plugging it into a smart outlet to ensure no recording when I’m around.

The SmartCam PRO connects to ST, right?

I don’t believe the SmartCam PLUS does.

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Sadly, I have to take it back. I can no longer connect to SmartCam from ST mobile app. Tried pretty much everything, but no cigar. Totally useless now. SmartThings just keeps on crumbling :anguished:

Wow! Thank you for the reviews. I was going to buy a couple cameras and try them out but based on this info I am going to hold off. You are correct I can’t get Smartthings to work longer than a week without an issue.