Dome Water Valve will not power on

I bought the Dome valve on 1/25/18. Now it won’t power on. When my Smarthings hub said it was disconnected, I thought it was just zwave issue, but I can’t operate manually with the open/close button and the LED is off. I even tried other power outlets on a different circuit, it’s just dead.

I realize it’s out of warranty, but I expected it to last longer than a year and a half. Is this common? Has anyone else had one die so quickly? I’d expect it to last at least 3 years.

just bad luck.

If you accumulate enough devices then after a while 0-365 days, then you see some hardware fail. Of maybe 60 zwave or zigbee devices, I’ve had about 4 dead devices that were hardware failures - some died in 2 months, others 2+ years. There have been FAR more, like 15 that were crippled or functionally neutered by firmware or diminished cloud-support or diminished network environment, to the degree that I retired them.

The system requires maintenance and replacements. Maybe you can repair the failed component.

Check the power supply and the wire going to the valve to see if it’s actually putting out any power. My PS went bad in about 6 months. When I emailed Dome, they sent another PS (free) right way mentioning that they’d had a bad batch of them. Even out of warrant, I’d still write them to see if they’d replace yours too.

BTW, the replacement has been going strong now for well over a year.

I did have a bad power supply, but even with a good one, it’s still messed up. It closes the valve as soon as I apply power. I’ve reset it several times. It will not respond to open/close commands, nor does it open/close by the manual button on the device. Here’s the weird thing, if I pull the clutch pin, the motor runs non stop. If I open it with the clutch, as soon as the power comes on, it closes. I’ve asked Dome support about that behavior.

Updated on resolution. Power supply was dead, replaced it with an extra I had and it would power on, but the device was still messed up. As soon as power hit it, it would close and not reopen. Dome support was fantastic, event though I was out of warranty, they replaced it and sent me a new one. They wanted to old one back to test it. They said they’d never seen one fail that way. Very happy with them, I was 18 months past purchase, with a 12 month warranty, and they still made it right.