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Dog barking sound?

Has anyone setup an angry dog barking sound that’s realistic, to a door sensor to scare robbers away?


OK so it’s all in the details. I have the dog barking sound to play through sonos in all rooms. But when should it be triggered and how?
Ideally if front door knocked or what?

You can use webcore and create a piston that is triggered by a door bell being pressed or motion sensor. There are some example pistons on the webcore forum at
You can also post any questions you have about webcore on their forum as there are users who enjoy helping with the building of pistons.

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Example piston can be found here…


OK I’m working on the core piston.
Where do I put the mp3 file and how do I figure out what the url is.

There is an OOOOOOLD smartapp that you can find on Marketplace that has “Dog Barking” as a notification option.

Smartthings Classic App -> Automation -> Add a Smartapp -> Music & Sound -> Speaker Companion

Great tip thanks.
Almost there.
It works well but I need it to shut off say after 2 minutes. After it detects the acceleration ie knocked I want the dog to bark for awhile and then stop until more knocking.