PIR + Dog bark on alexa

Hi All,

I want to buy/wire up a PIR so that it plays a dog barking when movement is detected. thought I’d buy a standard PIR and a ST contact, wire them up and then have that play a dog barking using an Alexa routine is this all possible? is there already an outdoor PIR?



First, something to consider is will the solution require the ‘cloud’ which Alexa requires, or can it run ‘local’ without the cloud.

I have a ‘virtual’ barking dog which I only have to feed with electricity. However, my current implementation is ‘cloud’ based. I’m using an old Android smartphone that has a headset jack connected to a speaker system. On the Android device, I have an app called Tasker that can see the SmartThings app’s notifications on android, and when the SmartThings notification from a SmartThings Automation has the words ‘barking dog’, then Tasker will run a Tasker routine that pays my dog sound file on the Android smartphone. But this is a ‘cloud’ based solution since it requires access to the SmartThings ecosystem to get the Android notification.

However, I’ve been thinking of changing it so that it will run ‘local’ instead of in the cloud. My idea is to use the old smartphone (or any old device like an MP3 player or iPod) which is capable of playing a dog barking sound file constantly in a loop. Then connect its headset jack up to some ‘powered’ speakers. Then have the powered speakers connected to a SmartThings SmartPlug outlet. That way I can setup a Smart Lighting Routine which runs local to turn On/Off the SmartPlug either from any motion sensor or any multipurpose sensor as the trigger. Then when the powered speakers come on, the constant looping barking dog sound is heard.

Anyway, I’m also curious what other users who have ‘virtual’ dogs here have done, and whether their solutions are running local or cloud based.

Yes, there are some. You didn’t say what country you are in, and the device selection does vary.

Any sensor that is recognized by Alexa can be used to trigger the Alexa dog barking sound in an Alexa routines, but again only if you are in a country where Amazon offers that feature. :dog:

  1. Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor. US or UK. Excellent weatherproofing, very reliable, zigbee, PIR motion, temperature, and Lux. Can be used with the Hue bridge (but will be invisible to ST), or paired directly to a ST hub with custom code. The only thing not to like about this is the price. :thinking:




  1. US. Zooz outdoor motion sensor. Community reports on this have been good.
  1. US or UK. Many people now rely on an outdoor camera or video doorbell for motion sensing. It’s not PIR, but is often more reliable technology outdoors. Both Ring and Arlo should work with Amazon routines, and some models also work with ST.

Those are the main options right now. Some people have used indoor rated PIR sensors in sheltered locations with good results, particularly the Fibaro multisensor, but that was back before the Hue and Zooz were available.