Sonos Dog Bark

I’m sure its here somewhere but I cant find it :frowning: I want to use a motion sensor outside my front door to trigger a specific track " dog barking" and play it on a specific sonos speaker when then returns to what it was playing after the track plays.

Anyone any Ideas?


yea, install “sonos notify with sound” from the marketplace/smartalls/music and sounds…
It already has a built in dog barking track.

I never got it to do this. This is one of the frustrating characteristics of the Sonos interface. It also has issues when speakers are grouped. Also, the volume doesn’t return after the dogs bark, unless these issues were fixed without my knowledge.

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This is old fashioned and stale now… We have to come up with something new… :wink:

Yea, I’ve moved on from the dogs…
Doorbell now goes this route.

NSFW, you were warned…


That is so kool! Can we u show me how to do that. Playing with my own voice instead of the sonos lady

I just added the new URL’s and descriptions in the SunOS all…

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Can you be a bit more specific about adding the Full Metal Jacket sound clip. I am a bit new at this. Thanks.

There are four lines of code that need to be added for each new clip that you want to add.
The first is adding the name of the clip that you choose in the app.
Look for input actionType around line 80, add a name for the clip.
"Rave Horn",
The second set of lines is contained in the loadText method, this is where you set the URL that matches your new entry above.

case "Rave Horn":
	state.sound = [uri: "",duration:"1"]

I get the duration from playing the clip in a browser.