I purchased two of those sensors on Amazon and they came from China in a couple weeks. Adding them to ST was very puzzling. I searched and read multiple threads here but there was no single one with step by step procedure. It took me a lot of guessing and trials for a few hours. Sensors finally worked fine and whole procedure takes a couple minutes if you know what you are doing.Here it is:

  • Plug sensor, wait for green light until flashing stopped.
  • Pair the sensor: On your cell ph. SmartThings app go to (+) Add Device, Auto Detect.
    -Push the reset button on a sensor side through a tiny hole. Sensor will blink green for a few seconds.
  • The App shall find the sensor as THING. Rename it what makes sense to you. Make sure it appeared in your devices.
    -Go to your ST web account using the PC. Click My Devices tab and find your sensor there. Click and open its menu. Click EDIT.
  • Go to TYPE, scroll down and select Orvibo Gas Detector. UPDATE.
  • Check your sensor status in MyDevices. It should be ONLINE-CLOUD.
  • Push TEST button on a sensor to simulate the alarm. The App must send a notification to your cell Smoke Detected ( if notifications enabled for Smoke alarms).

It looks like no custom device handler is needed here. I have tried a few suggested in some threads and they did not work. I deleted them all. Changing TYPE fixed everything.

Have fun!

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Already mentioned here: Zigbee gas detector for kitchen

Hello @S_Vydrin,
I just installed it, checkinterval attribute is set to 1920 seconds, which make notifications delayed for up to 32 minutes. Do you know if there a way to configure this parameter?

Thanks in advance

Actually I waited for 32 minutes, but haven’t received any alarms in my mobile and in SmartThings IDE.

No, sorry. I did not even know this parameter exists.

If you don’t mind me asking, did you get your gas detector from Amazon? If so, was it purchased somewhat recently?

I bought 3 from Amazon & they all paired very easily as a thing but I have tried every custom DTH I can find plus the Orvibo DTH to no avail. No matter what I try, I cannot get these things to register any activity in either ST app.

Just curious if these are possibly just bad sensors…

Thanks, JD

Hi, sorry for delay.
I bought it at Amazon and going to return. I played with device handler trying to reduce ping interval, but it did not help.

I’m returning it back.

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