Does the v3 hub support IPv6?

Anyone know if the v3 hub supports IPv6?

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Nope. Not as of today.

Out of curiosity, why aren’t you supporting IPv6 from the get go anyways? Samsung TV’s support IPv6 so it’s not like IPv6 is a foreign concept to Samsung.

IPv6 isn’t “bleeding edge” nowadays.

Its relatively unimportant on LAN devices to have IPv6. There is no way a home network will ever run out of IPs.

You are mistaken. The larger address pool that IPv6 provides is just one of the many advantages of IPv6.

Thread, the next generation mesh technology for IoT devices that Samsung and Google are behind requires IPv6. Imagine a Zigbee network where each device has a unique IPv6 address and you’ve got Thread more or less.

Here’s a short list of the advantages of IPv6 I stole from Quora

  • Less need for stateful NAT/PAT/NAPT
  • Ability to assign unique link-local addresses on the fly without depending on a router or DHCP server.
  • Ability to pick an address from thin air (SLAAC)
  • Ability to change addresses frequently (Privacy Addressing)
  • Ability to belong to many networks simultaneously, with a unique address on each.
  • Less need for readdressing and refactoring of networks thanks to big address space.
  • Easy to combine multi-enterprise networks without readdressing.
  • Ability to do nondisruptive readdressing in the fly with deprecated addressing model.

In short, if Thread is ever going to become a reality, Smarthings has to support IPv6.

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