IPv6 address problem

Since I do not exactly knows who is in charge of the great resource that is the wiki, I am posting this here.

This will not effect 90% of users as most people do not have IPv6 network access yet. Some very lucky Verizon users get it without special setup. The rest of us who need it, have to set it up our selves.

Ok, here is what seems to be the problem. If you have IPv6 and your OS/Browser support IPv6 and you try to access the site, you will get a server can not be found. This is usually a DNS problem.

Again for most people this is not a problem, but with more ISPs turning on IPv6 in the next few months, it will become more of a problem.


Lots of Web Hosts are still rolling this out so might not be anything they can do. It’s a massive cost involvement for replacement/upgrade of kit for them.


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The problem is that an incorrect IPv6 address is listed in DNS, most likely. It has two easy fixes either of which cost nothing but less than 20 minutes of time (depending on the DNS hoster). In this case it looks to be a nice provider.

  1. Get the correct IPv6 address of the web server and paste over incorrect AAAA record.
  2. If all else fails, just remove the AAAA record. The problem goes away.