Connected home over IPv6
What does this mean for bridges or hubs?

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read @JDRoberts posts in the following thread


that means we should worry they say " Will current smart home products continue to work?

Yes. Amazon, Apple, and Google are committed to continue support for developers and their products."

and there is no ST in that sentence :laughing:

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I don’t understand your headline. What does connectedhomeip have to do with IPv6 which is already a “thing” that is out there? Your connected home most likely already has IPv6. It was ratified in 2017 after first being drafted in 1998.

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I don’t really understand the IPv6 reference in the title.

If we are talking bridges and hubs in the sense of e.g. Hue bridges and SmartThings hubs, it just means that there will be a standard protocol available for IP based devices that they may wish to use. Any such protocol would be an enabler for local rather than cloud based connectivity.

From the SmartThings point of view I could wildly speculate that future hubs (and perhaps existing ones if their hardware is up to it) might be able to support this protocol alongside Zigbee and Z-Wave. It might even mean the bluetooth being activated. No farting around with cloud to cloud connections, more devices could be directly connected.

It would seem like a good thing for bridges too. They would have a common protocol to speak so less need for cloud to cloud connections or bespoke software. There will be a lingua franca for them.

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Hello, my point is that the connected home would be IP. From what i read, this new application
-layer protocol being transported by IP, would start in v6, not in v4.
Yes i guess our hubs would have to talk yet another protocol, or will it be directly from the house router?

I think you are confusing the difference between the Network and Physical layers of the communication stack. Stealing the diagram from the link you posted, any block in a row can depend on any number of the blocks in the row under it. So the IPV6 network can exist, according to this diagram, over a WiFi/Ethernet network like you are discussing, but it could also instead exist over a Thread/802.15.4 (like Zigbee) network. Possibly also BLE. Possibly all of the above.

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There’s already a discussion thread for Project CHIP, more details there:

Apple, Amazon, Google & Others want to create a universal smart home standard


I had searched for CHIP, did not find it, I value your input, is it possible to merge topics?

I can’t, but one of the admins can. :sunglasses:

Also, good point on the search, i’ve now added “project CHIP“ to the other topic title.

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