Does Samsung Speaker Support Custom Voice Alerts?

There are a number of speakers listed that are “fully” compatible wit h Smarthings, but it is not clear if they will all support the customer voice alerts. Does anyone know if they will?

Normally yes but Text To Speach (TTS) is currently broken

When it’s working you just need to get a smart app from the market place called Notifiy With Sound and that’ll do TTS


Is there any way to use a custom TTS engine such as Mac2Speech or even custom MP3 or wave files so the users aren’t dependent on a cloud service that adds latency and bandwidth usage on every notification?

Not that I’m aware of (without the cloud at least) as pretty much everything is run on the cloud with SmartThings

The delay normally isn’t that bad though but you do need reliable internet for good service.

Maybe someone can fill you in with custom MP3 as I’ve not personally done that.


It seems like Custom MP3 files would be the way to go for most situations that didn’t require dynamic messaging (e.g. A daily weather announcement). The quality of announcements would be a lot better too as the only decent TTS engine that I’ve heard is the Amazon Alexa/Echo.

I just pulled my Smarththings out of the box a couple days ago to start playing with so perhaps it’s even some functionality I can add myself assuming that the SmartApp is open source.

Yeah sadly on my Samsung R1, I can’t add or edit any of my Speaker Notify With Sound messages :frowning:
This happened months ago too and it just randomly started working again when they fixed it I guess. I hope it will start working again soon, it’s really annoying not having this working AGAIN.

What’s strange is some custom words will work like “dog” or “home.” I was just trying random words to see if I could save something and those worked. However, they only work separately and won’t work together in the same custom message. It’s so strange.

You guys using TTS on Samsung multiroom speakers, does your music RESUME after an audio alert, or does it break it? Mine breaks each time.

Yeah mine breaks too. Since my Samsung multi room speaker barley works with smartthings I’m not buying anymore. I just use the speaker I have for announcements only. I hear Sonos has zero problems though. It seems to be the most compatible. I’m waiting for Google home to come out and crossing my fingers it will work with smartthings.

Yes it’s weird how Sonos is a separate company yet works with SmartThings, and somehow the
Samsung multiroom speakers aren’t able to fully integrate with Samsung SmartThings properly. I think the Sonos must have more intelligent internals than the Samsung speakers. I don’t see the situation changing, because if Samsung could do it, they would of done it by now.

So I just got a reply from support and they helped fix my issue with TTS not working. Here is the email:

"I’m sorry to hear you are having issues with your devices.

With LAN connected devices, sometimes you need to refresh the appropriate (Connect) App. If you can open up the Samsung Audio (Connect) App and deselect and re-select the device, that can help refresh your connection.

Sometimes assigning static IPs to the controller through your router can help. If you need any help doing this, I can try to give some tips, just let me know what type of router you are using.

Ultimately, if neither of the above work, you might need to remove and re-add all of the LAN connected devices to get them working. I understand it’s frustrating, but sometimes it’s required with the LAN connected Labs devices.

Let me know if that helps and we can go from there,
Dominic R.
Support Engineer"