Does power cycling have same effect as a reset?

I have two homes each with a hub. Both went offline last night. I was able to power cycle and reset where I am but the home 1000 miles away remains offline and I likely won’t able to get there til January. If I remove batteries and power through a unconnected wifi plug, will power cycling effectively reset the hub? Anyone have any other ideas for remote reset?

This topic came up last night and that should effectively reset the hub.

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I read that some people have the hub and router on a dumb timer that power-cycles it every day. That solves the issue of resetting without connection. The downside is of course that your house will be off line for a few minutes every day.

Not an elegant solution, but I have my Hub (v1) which is not very accessible behind a WeMo switch. I’ve programmed the WeMo switch to reboot the Hub once a week. I can do it manually when it seems necessary.