Powercycle not working?

So my DLink bulbs have been working but I’ve had issues as most have.

Seems that the ones inside by the Hub connect and reconnect great through reboots. Ones outside or in corners of the house seem to lose connection, and don’t re-gain it easily if someone hits the wall switch for instance.

So I decided to kill the power for 30 minutes on my smartthings hub last night. When it came back up, now the hub and app are having issues.

Like the app things tab tells me there is motion, or other items like the state of the door sensor. When I open the door, it doesn’t change. Almost like the state of most all of my things (not all, but 50%) don’t change. Motion sensors aren’t going back to a normal state, my presence (phone) is locked into “present” when its not, doors aren’t being reflected by home or away, the routine director isn’t updating as a result of the false presence detection, etc.

How do I reset the damn hub so that everything works again? Sheesh, if that 30 minute power-cycle yesterday caused all this and it wouldn’t recover, I’m wondering how I can trust this system for security and smoke or any automated items.

I have a V2 Hub.

Advice without telling me I need to reset everything?