Does Iris window/door sensors work with Smartthings Hub?

I can’t seem to get Iris keypad and window/door sensors to work with Smartthings Hub. Any suggestions?

Tell us your models and we will tell you if they work :smile: The fist generation of Iris devices do not work with SmartThings.

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Unfortunately the Keypad will only work if you are very tech savy. For the Novice, No.
2nd Generation door/window sensors, yes.

I think “very tech savy” is relatively overstated. Anyone who can use a computer to copy and paste some text can do it.

All you need to do, is literally, copy/paste the DTH “text” in the “Device Handlers” section in IDE, then click publish. After that, you can run the discovery from the app like you would for any officially supported device.

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the keypad is 2nd gen. model 3405-L and the window/door sensors are 1st gen.
I can cut and copy/paste if I need to.
If I buy a Smartthings keypad will Iris 1st gen window/door sensors work?
If I get the Iris keypad to work I’ll still have to buy new window/door sensors.
I think I’ll probably have to buy smartthings keypad and windows/door sensors .

Thanks for your help.

This works with above mentioned copy/paste DTH

1st gen Iris do not work with SmartThings under any circumstances

There are no Standard SmartThings keypads that I know of. You might be thinking of ADT-Smartthings panel, I am not very familiar if you can mix and match devices, but I believe the regular SmartThings sensors don’t work with SmartThings ADT hub, so be careful what you buy.

I think you are better off using the Iris kepad that you have, and then buy new sensors with the money that you hopefully got back from Iris on your 1st gen sensors (you can still find Iris 2nd gen contact sensors on Ebay at very good price and those will work fine with a regular SmartThings hub - not ADT SmartThings hub).

Is there a keypad that works with the Smartthings hub (not ADT) and buy smartthings window sensors?

Do I really need a keypad or can I use the Smartthings hub and smartthings sensors?

I’ll have to look back in the topic and find the directions to copy paste code.

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Not without a custom DTH (copy/paste code in ide)

Not really. I have a couple of v2 Iris keypads but I don’t use them to arm/disarm the monitoring. I use them mainly to open garage door from the outside because you can use a pin. You can substitute the keypad with keyfobs as there are a few that are officially supported.

It’s probably easier to use my Iris money to get a Stand Alone alarm system?
Or can I get, a key fob for the smarthing hub and sensors from Smartthings?

your thoughts?



In my opinion SmartThings is a powerful home automation platform that may help you keep an extra eye on your premises, but I would never consider it a substitute for a stand alone alarm system, mainly for two critical reasons: limited local processing and no reliable option for a cellular backup. For basic monitoring is ok, but if security system is what you have in mind, I would look for a stand alone option.

If you’re looking for non IRIS keypads which work with SmartThings you can get some links on the first post of this topic.

However the IRIS 3405-L should work just fine, including the built in 65dB alarm with the above DTH. When used with a SmartApp like LUM you can create users for your keypads, custom actions and lots of other things including arm/disarm Classic SHM. These apps require access to RBoy Apps.

As for copy pasting code for custom DTH’s, it’s a fairly simple process. Here’s a step by step instruction. It’s written for RBoy Apps but it applies to any generic DTH

You can absolutely use ST without a keypad but since you have a keypad you can lots of wonderful things with it, it can be used a panic trigger, it can be used as a second keypad for your locks, it can be used to arm/disarm your system, it can be used to create custom actions.

Just for reference I’ve got 6 keypads across the house which range from opening/closing garage/patios doors, arm/disarming systems, running custom actions, panic buttons, using them as a Siren/Alarm, using them a chime/beeper to be notified when doors are opened/closed and lots more. It’s just a very powerful option to have.

For chiming the keypads when sensors are triggered, you can check out this new app:

Thanks Bob for all your help, I appreciate it.


I loaded the Smartthings classic app but its asking for a code to log in.

(I sent a request to Samsung for code). I guess I could log in as a New User?
I have the 2018 Smartthings hub using the New Smartthings app.
I just want to get the 2nd gen Iris keypad working for my alarm system, if I get the keypad working are the iris 1st gen window/door sensors going to work.



It looks like I need sign up with password to pay for the code for the Iris keypad?

You can use your Samsung login (new ST app) to login to the Classic app as well (and for the IDE), they have a single login now for all Samsung sites. For RBoy Apps you’ll need to purchase access (you can find the details on the website).

The 1st gen sensors won’t work with SmartThings due to differences in the standards (the ZigBee protocol used by the 1st gen sensors is a little different from what SmartThings currently supports).

Thanks I appreciate your help


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