Is there an outdoor keypad that will work with the GoControl garage door opener?

I’m wondering if there’s a keypad that will work the door controller that could be used by non-family members. Thanks.

nothing yet, but Iris from Lowe’s has just this month released a brand-new Zigbee security keypad that will probably be compatible with SmartThings. The previous Iris model keypad was not compatible with SmartThings because it used a proprietary version of zigbee but the new one uses standard Zigbee ZHA, the same protocol that SmartThings uses. :sunglasses:

There are community members working on a device type for it, and some people are using it, but I don’t think it’s quite ready for prime time yet unless you are comfortable working with custom code. But I would expect to see something within the next month or two. Initial reports are looking very good.