Does anyone make a z-wave or zigbee double-sided door lock?

This is harder to find then I thought, leading me to believe that it doesn’t exist - but I thought I would ask here before giving up the search.

I’m looking for a z-wave or zigbee door lock that has a keypad on both sides of the door. I have an exterior door from my garage where it would be helpful to have a keypad to gain entry from either side.

Does such a thing exist? If not, is there a way to cobble together two qwikset locks to create a single, double sided lock?

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They are a code violation for residential areas in most places in the US, so not easy to find. They’re popular in Australia, though.

You might find one made for offices. From Schlage:

Caution: Double cylinder locks on residences and any door in any structure that is used for egress are a life safety hazard in times of emergency and their use is not recommended. Installation should be in accordance with existing codes only.

I have a very similar requirement – a door sized gate in to/from my yard.

If the deadbolt can be hand-turned, then it is far too easy for an burglar to hop the fence and then open the gate for his accomplices.

Same here… never found one and gave up and left conventional double deadbolt lock.on the door…

I’m looking for the same thing. I was wondering if a locksmith could replace the hand knob with a key.

Thanks JD, I’ll take a look.

Good to see I’m not the only one with this need.

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I did replace the doorknob and locks to use the same key as my new quickset smartlocks. The rekey yourself is nice

If you are in the United States, if the lock is intended for an outside gate, they probably can. If it is intended for any residential door which might be used by someone escaping a fire, they probably can but won’t, as it’s a serious code violation in most places.

If you are in another country, it just depends on local law and custom.