Does anyone know what the error "Error Fetching Device" means?

I am trying to debug an issue with a device handler which is getting this error when I open preferences.

Does anyone know what this error even indicates ? There is nothing in the logs so no way to determine what is happening on server side and support refuses to help because it is “custom”.

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@JDRoberts thanks for tagging some folks. I have been out of the loop so long I didn’t know who is still in play anymore :slight_smile:

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I haven’t been able to reproduce this yet but our theory is that your device preferences were corrupted at some point and now won’t render since you’ve changed the preferences section of the Device Type Handler.

Please try deleting the device and re-adding it.

Modified or custom Device Type Handlers are generally not in scope for what our Support team can assist with.

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I was afraid you would say delete device an try again. It’s a garage door opener and mounted 20ft high in Garage so really a pain to delete and add.

Also I rely on this device 100% so if it fails to re-add I am screwed so I don’t want to risk just yet. Maybe at a later time.

I guess that means I can’t get support on this one. I wish your systems had better logging so you could explain why this error happens. What is the point of presenting an error and not providing more details!

Yes tell me about it. But I work with 100% modified device handlers because your built in ones are …I am sorry to say…junk. Most of the devices features don’t work unless I customize. The really sad part is 2 years ago when I started you guys really appreciated the devs working on customized code and helping make the system better. Now we are told…sorry we don’t support you. That stinks!

Try deleting the device from the IDE and then re-adding it from the IDE with the same DNI. You may not need to physically access the device.

Not sure I know how to do that. What does “re-add with same DNI” mean ?

UPDATE: DNI device network ID. The id for my Opener is “05”. So I can just delete the device and add it back in using this id. No need to exclude or include ?

Can this go wrong and leave me without the Garage opener working. I really can’t risk having this stop working at the moment. It’s too critical. I will live with inability to modify this device or add preferences if there is risk of losing the device from my config.

BTW: this device is in use by several smart apps. Do I have to remove them also before deleting. I think I do right…

I wonder has anyone ever done this, just delete a device in IDE and re-add it without having to exclude and include. I didn’t realize this was possible. Again I assume I need to tear down my smart apps for the device in order to be able to delete it. If anyone has done this I would like to hear how it went. Thanks.

Yes, that’s the way it should work. Removing the device in the IDE doesn’t remove the Z-Wave association on the hub, but it does remove the cloud-based preferences that may be contributing to your issue.