Tried to Edit Device in IDE and receive error message

Hello all,

I purchased the Linkind door/window sensors and added one device to SmartThings. When I went to the IDE to change the device type, I received this error.

I can’t delete the device in the app to start over. Any help or guidance would be appreciated!

do you have any automations linked to said device.

you might have to contact support to remove the device.

Couple of things…

Make sure the device is not open in the ST app while trying to delete it in IDE.

Login to IDE at using an incognito/private tab in your browser.

No it’s a brand new device. I put in a ticket :frowning:

Tried this too… I put in a ticket with support. Hopefully can get these devices working. Thanks

This usually happens when you repeatedly create/modify/delete custom DTHs in IDE.
I already had this problem for 3 times, and ST support helped me by clearing the device handler cache.

Don’t create/modify/delete custom DTHs within very short term. If you make some modification in DTHs, then wait a while to do the next modifications in DTH.

Do you have webcore open in the same browser? If so that is your problem, something to do with caching / cookies.

Log out of webcore and try again.

@ChicGeek We deleted these for you. They seem related to a new error that I’ve only recently seen pop up. Trying to track it down internally.

Also, I’d recommend editing your original post to remove your email address from the screenshot.