Error Fetching Device. Please try again. When trying to configure device

My Garage Door controller has had this issue for a long time now but I can’t figure out how to fix it. When I select the settings gear icon it displays a red message “Error Fetching Device. Please try again”

I don’t want to exclude and include the device because it was difficult to setup in the first place.

Does anyone know what SmartThings uses to “fetch the device” when you select preferences. Maybe I can fix this in the IDE somehow. I contacted support almost a year ago on this issue and they had no advice.

I am trying to modify the DH to include some options but I can’t because of this error.

OK I found a way to fix this based on old instructions I was given to delete the device.

Instead of just deleting the device which would force me to lose all my smart apps. I did the following which worked.

  1. Add new device with same settings as my Garage except for a unique “Device Network Id” and name it “New Garage”
  2. Visit every smart app associated with “Garage” and change it to “New Garage”. This way I don’t lose the smart apps when I delete Garage
  3. Take note of “Garage” Device Network Id. In my case “05”
  4. When Garage no longer has any smart apps associated delete it
  5. Edit “New Garage” and change the Device Network Id to “05”, I also renamed it back to just “Garage”

Now my garage device still works. My preferences are readable without error. My smart apps are still associated.