Does anyone know more about channel letter signs?

(Jimmy S. Kraus) #1


I wish to install illuminated channel letter sign boards for my shop as one of my friends suggested me that it would help to grow my business. I don’t know more about the sign boards as I haven’t installed it before. I want to know about the cost of fabrication, installation, and maintenance. Does anyone know the companies offering the installation of channel letter signs at a reasonable price?

And can you help me to find companies doing customized work? Does anyone have a previous experience of installing these sign boards before? What about the duration of installation? How can we know the quality of the boards? If you have any idea regarding this, please be kind to share it with me. Thank you.

(Robin) #2

There are 101 different types of these signs, you’re best bet is to speak to companies like the one you listed above, look through their catalogues and get quotes from several companies for comparison.

Suggest you go for LED’s not fluorescent tubes though, as it can be a PIA to swap out burnt tubes (been there done that broke the facia in the process).

Also with LED’s inside the letters you could potentially go for a white opaque facia and RGBW giving you some funky rebranding options in the future.

(Mark) #3

You might also find more specific answers to your questions if you can find a message board that’s more related to the task you’re looking to accomplish.

This is a message board for users of the Samsung SmartThings home automation hub. You might get lucky and find that someone on here that knows something about your questions (as @RobinWinbourne seems to).

But even though SmartThings can integrate with my plumbing for example, if I had an actual plumbing question, I would probably take it to a site more focused on DIY home improvement.