Does anyone have the Holmes Smart Air Filter integrated? (Wemo device)

Hey everyone! DId a search to see if someone integrated with: Holmes Smart Wifi-Enabled WeMo True-HEPA Premium Air Purifier as of yet (Sample: Amazon Link )

I did see some other Holmes devices, so I am semi-optimistic. We have construction being started, so we are stuck in two rooms, upstairs… and the fiancée is having horrible allergy issues. So just want to give her a chance at living for the next few weeks.!



Here’s the thread with a community created DTH for the humidifier. Shouldn’t be too difficult to modify for the air filter

Thanks @kevintierney

I had seen that already, so I know its possible. I was just hoping someone has done it. I did order one though, so worse case I will be hacking through it :slightly_smiling:

@kevintierney @btk I took a look at your code but the only thing I’m stuck on is how you determined the naming convention for the device. You used the “urn:Belkin:device:Humidifier:1” nomenclature but how do I find what the Air Purifier is called?

With that, I think it would be pretty easy to swap out all the names with whatever “air purifier” is and republish. The functionality is pretty similar. The airpurifier has low, medium, high and auto settings. It has a filter life percentage and a reset filter option. The only extra it has is the ionizer.

I figured this part out, just moments ago. Im going to start trying to build out a device type/app. Interested in assisting?

Send me a PM, and we can see what we can do to make this happen.

Specifically to your question the urn is: urn:Belkin:device:AirPurifier:1

Hey @Elliot_Justin : Ever put any more time on this?

Sorry @darrylb. Just followed up on this. I would love to help.

Sounds like a great smart app idea. I use a forced air fan to reduce Humidity in our home but the only apps available are for humidifiers which work opposite to a dehumidifier.

I got this working, just testing and tweaking now. We love the convenience of using 1 app versus bouncing around.

Hey, I have the holmes wemo air purifier as well. Would love some direction on how to integrate to smartthings.


Ill probably release the code this week. I have just been testing thoroughly before doing so.



I had an issue a couple of weeks ago with the WEMO IFTTT Channel for several days and decided to work on this Device.
I’ve been running this for a week now and since I did not have any issues I’ve decided to share the code with you guys.

Note - I have to be honest with you guys. I won’t time to support this, so if you want to give it a try please do it knowing that.

Device Screen Shot:

Instructions to install the code:

1 - Using the IDE - copy and publish the code for the Device Handler “WeMo AirPurifier” from:

2 - Using the IDE - copy and publish the code for the SmartApp “WeMo AirPurifier (Connect)” from:

3 - Using the ST App (Android / iOS):

  • Go to “Marketplace” / “SmartApps” / “My Apps” and select “WeMo AirPurifier (Connect)”;
  • Wait a couple of minutes until your WeMo Air Purifier(s) are discovered and select the ones you want to install;
  • (Optional) Change the Refresh time and Assign a Name to this Smart App installation;
  • Hit “Done” and the Devices will be created, then just add the devices to a specific room;

Cheers :slight_smile:

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Thanks for building the app!!!

So it finds my purifier, but once i select it, set the refresh time, and click Done, I keep getting “Error saving page”. Any idea what’s happening??

It’s hard to say without Logs :slight_smile: Could you try to grab the Logs from the IDE (Live Logging)?

If I had to guess it looks like it’s not finding the Device Handler “WeMo AirPurifier”. Have you saved and published the DH?

You were totally right… That’s what I get for not thoroughly reading your post! :grimacing:

it’s working great so far. thanks again!!!

Thanks so much for putting this up. Just hoping you can respond, if not no problem.

I have 2 air purifiers and neither device can be located. I am getting the following logs

12:55:44 AM: debug PARSED: [mac:********E561D, headers:

12:55:35 AM: debug Device was already found in state…

12:55:35 AM: debug FOUND WeMo AirPurifier

12:55:35 AM: debug PARSED: [devicetype:04, mac:E561D, ip:1D5, port:C001, ssdpPath:/setup.xml, ssdpUSN:uuid:AirPurifier-1_0-221419S::urn:Belkin:device:AirPurifier:1, ssdpTerm:urn:Belkin:device:AirPurifier:1, hub:--***--6b77ba818b0d]

12:55:35 AM: debug Device was already found in state…

12:55:35 AM: debug FOUND WeMo AirPurifier

12:55:35 AM: debug PARSED: [devicetype:04, mac:9595D, ip:1CA, port:C001, ssdpPath:/setup.xml, ssdpUSN:uuid:AirPurifier-1_0-221422S::urn:Belkin:device:AirPurifier:1, ssdpTerm:urn:Belkin:device:AirPurifier:1, hub:********--*****-***-6b77ba818b0d]

Any help will be greatly appreciated…thanks

Hi @lrogers80, from your logs it shows that the 2 devices were found.
If I had to guess I would say that the SmartApp “WeMo AirPurifier (Connect)” is already installed and when you run it again it will generate the same logs but not give you an option to select any device.
Could you check on your current SmartApps (in Automation) to see if this is already installed?

But, If you don’t want me to guess I’ll need a little bit more information about the steps you took and where did it stop working :slight_smile:
Good luck.

Thanks for replying.

The Wemo connect is not installled under Automations. I followed your
directions exactly and on first run it said “Device was already found in

I have several Wemo light switches. I previously installed using Wemo
setup for light switches under Smartthing Labs in the Marketplace. This
works fine.

When I started to dig a little, I found this also happened for some running
the Wemo Large space Humidifier SmartApp. Someone said, using a Wi-Fi
range extender/repeater would cause this to happen because of the repeater
giving out the MAC address. However, I have different MAC addresses.

Is there a way to see what other device has those MAC address?

They suggested using a virtual switch with IFTTT. However, I recall you
saying that’s why you did the SmartApp because IFTTT was unreliable and I
wouldn’t know where to start with the virtual switch idea.