[RELEASE] Custom Wemo (Connect)

Thank you so much for this, testing it now. Can I please have the IDE GitHub settings, I have tried but can’t get it correct.

The settings I need are for this:

I had it working fine, but I took a WeMo switch and moved it to another room and it works within WeMo app but went offline in Advanced WeMo Connect. any ideas how to restore it again?

I tried removing the device from ST then running discovery. It finds it installs it, it says on. It works for one on and off then goes offline again.

Is there any way to get this to work with the Wemo Air Purifier?

Hi @lrogers80, I have not that wemo device, but if you can help with some data , we can add it

Here what I have tried so far, to no avail.

It seems like the air purifier is stuck on the Wemo Connect SmartApp because it said, “Device was already found in state…” when I tried to run the WeMo AirPurifier (Connect).

If the wemo device its already installed in ST , you must to remove it to allow the other connect to install it.

You can remove it from IDE in my devices if you cann not found it in the smart app.

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That’s the problem it does not show up in my device list at all so that I
can delete it.

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I think you must to ask to AirPurifier Connect developer, To fix the error.

Could this app work with the Holmes humidifier with wemo too? There’s another app for that as well, but not actively developed anymore.

This app just can handle the light switch , motion, and contact (normal and insight) , I have not other wemo devices to add their functionality.

This has worked a treat, the only issue I had was, to get the Wemo Insight to work with CORE to monitor current draw, I had to add capability “Power Meter” to the device handler.

You have a DH for the insight??? I have been trying to get the current draw feature for this device for sometime now but had no luck.

I was wondering if you could maybe add the capability “power meter” to this device handler? @bigfoot1970 added it himself, but I can’t seem to figure it out, thanks…

Currently, the device handler have power, Insight Switch

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Hi, I can see the power draw through device handler.
But if I example want to setup a rule with webcore it doesnt have the power meter capability there, and thats what I wondering if you could add.
These are the capability from device handler:
capability "Actuator"
capability "Switch"
capability "Polling"
capability "Refresh"
capability "Sensor

No power meter, and I dont know howto add it , would appreciate it.

capability "Power Meter"
Maybe. Don’t use this capability myself.

Yes it is, but it seems to need more editing cause it didnt work simply by adding that line.

finally got it working

had to save it to my smartthings app list first (by checking skip firmware and saving it) before it actually detected anything

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@bigfoot1970, How did you do this? Care to share?

@ule, Are you able to add this functionality to the device handler for the Insight?