Dodgy ST Outlet used with leak sensors

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I have just joined this forum, and hope that someone out there can help me, and this pot is under an appropriate heading
I have just had my house wrecked in ‘a water escape incident’ - about 20k£ worth of damage.
As there seemed nothing on the market, I decided to construct my own ‘Leak Prevention System’.
I bought a ball valve from Conexion (sic) Developments, plugged into a Smart Things Outlet, seven Smart Things Moisture Sensors, and a ST hub, controlled by the ST App on iPaD. The Automations programmed, to turn on the normally open valve, whenever moisture was detected.

It worked a dream. Or so I thought. It works about three out of four times. ST support insist that it is a connectivity problem with the siting of the sensors, but my experience would suggest otherwise.

This is what happens. On detecting water (from any one of the seven sensors, dunked in water) it notifies my iPhone, and energises the outlet to close the valve. Or it should. Sometimes, although it says it has switched on the outlet it has not. If I then switch the outlet from the iPad screen it works perfectly, and will then work, automatically, on subsequent wettings.

So, that is the issue. Outlet not energising on first detection of water, but fine on subsequent dunkings.

Although the other components were readily available from Argos, John Lewis, Curry’s etc. Of course the outlet is not. I managed to find one on eBay from the person selling them from the starter kits. I suspect the outlet is dodgy, but cant find another, that I could trust.

If there is anyone out there who could help, thanks.[quote=“wrc, post:1, topic:131569, full:true”]
Anybody here looked at Neos Insurance.

It looks like they supply some a Z-wave hub and Fibaro devices. I’ve asked if it integrates with SmartThings but they said currently is doesn’t. It does integrate with Amazon Echo devices so I’d assume some sort of API or at least IFTTT connectivity.

Anybody tried them or know more about it?

Sorry about this. My first post has got confused with other text. Mine should end at - “I could trust”

The smartthings platform itself has reliability issues. They say so in their terms of service:

If you are just looking for a decent zigbee smart plug to use with SmartThings, the £9.99 IKEA Tradfri Device works just fine. (I never recommend buying anything electronic off of eBay.)

The Tradfri smart bulb and Outlet work well out of the box with smart things. The handheld buttons and remotes have only partial integration at this time, so I don’t recommend them for most people.ådfri-wireless-control-outlet-art-00364477/

That said, why are you questioning support’s telling you that there was a siting issue? That would affect many smart devices placed in the same location. Have you tried moving the plug that you have to a location closer to the hub just to test it?

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Dear J D Roberts,

The problem occurs whatever the spatial arrangements of the components. Even when the hub and outlet are on top of each other.

It is the first time, followed by subsequent successful operation that is problematic.

Sounds like it may just be a defective device, then,. It happens.

I would just try a different device and see what happens.

Samsung are going to replace it. Amazing as you can’t buy them anywhere in the UK.

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Dear J D Roberts, are you out there?

As mentioned before Samsung have agreed to replace my outlet. Anticipating a delay, whilst I send the old one back, and wait for the new, I bought an Ikea Tradfri outlet.

Despite safety instructions in about thirty languages, I can find no helpful hints on how to pair it with a Smart Things hub…

Any ideas?


It should just pair straight out of the box like any other zigbee device. There are lots of community members using it. You just go through the regular “add a device“ process in the SmartThings app. :sunglasses:

If it just pairs as a “thing,” you can go into the IDE and change the device type to a zigbee on/off switch, but you shouldn’t have to.

You are in league with the Devil, J D Roberts!

I have done all that ten times over, without success.

The only thing I have just done differently, was to use the old ST App.

It even came up with the Correct name of the Ikea device.

So, thanks again.

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