Neos Insurance and Smartthings

(Wayne) #1

Anybody here looked at Neos Insurance.

It looks like they supply some a Z-wave hub and Fibaro devices. I’ve asked if it integrates with SmartThings but they said currently is doesn’t. It does integrate with Amazon Echo devices so I’d assume some sort of API or at least IFTTT connectivity.

Anybody tried them or know more about it?

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If it’s Z-Wave it’ll work with ST (check the region through, EU and US have different frequencies). They just may not support it but the devices themselves with pair. Amazon can talk to ZigBee devices but they can integrate with other devices using API’s.

(Michael Ekers) #3

I ave it, devices will work with ST just fine but not via/in conjunction with Neos hub which im pretty sure is just a raspberry pi with zwave shield


Just ordered Neos insurance myself. The “Good” package, so just the camera.
The insurance was a good deal anyway, regardless of the smart camera.
I think I’ll try hooking up to SmartThings…not sure I want a 3rd Hub :frowning:


This is the camera, from what I can tell:|3|1&ctt=user_product_view_us&CatNo=23&Rid=41&Act=2

And here’s the picture on the Neos website:


Thought it was worth updating - I’ve still not had my camera delivered, and looking on trustpilot reviews, it appears to be a common complaint.
Luckily they happened to be cheap insurance, so the camera was a bonus, but a bit disappointing. Hopefully it’ll turn up soon!