Documentation Updates?

Howdy SmartThings.

I already know this has been asked numerous times on these forums, but when will there be an update to the documentation for developers? I am finding it quite difficult to know what methods are available to any object within your online IDE or an explanation on the actual environment the code I am writing is executing in.

I have numerous IP & zWave based things that I want to integrate, but its impossible given the current spottiness of the documentation. Is there a timeline that you guys could give on refreshed documentation?


The answer from SmartThings has been “very soon”. I would suggest joining the Office Hours and bringing that up. The more they hear about it, I’m hoping the more push there will be to get this done. Office hours info here:

Where do they post the recorded video? Can’t make “office hours” during the work day.

Most office hours are posted here:

I know they’ve had trouble finding a good technical writer (so if you know someone or are interested yourself, I’m sure they’d be happy to hear from you).

I’ve personally been finding my way along by referencing existing code and asking questions in the forum. If you have a specific need, don’t be shy about chiming in. I agree that documentation is (badly) needed - and they’re well aware of this.