Give Feedback on our Docs!

Hey everyone -

As many of you know, we’ve been working the past six months to improve our developer documentation. Part of that process has been to have regular dialog with you - the awesome community - to get feedback and help us prioritize our backlog.

We really value this feedback, and want more! If you develop with SmartThings (or even if you don’t, but are curious or interested in doing so), please take a few minutes and fill out our brief survey.

Besides helping us, you’ll also have the chance to receive some free SmartThings swag for your opinions - just enter your email (optional) towards the bottom of the survey.

Thanks for your time!

The survey can be found here. The survey closes at the strike of midnight (EST) on Saturday, July 25.



A chance to test Hub V2 + the new UX is not “free SmartThings swag”… I mean, we have swag too. However, people with legitimate feedback about the documentation may have a chance to test out the Hub v2 prior to release.

:heart: <3 .