Introducing the New Documentation Developer

Just a quick note to introduce myself, Jim Anderson, the new Documentation Developer here at SmartThings.

You’ll see me around these forums, answering questions where I can, and working with the community to identify and close gaps in our developer documentation. I’ve been reviewing the forum and can see that there is strong interest in our developer documentation! I’m excited to join the talented SmartThings team, working on a great product, with a smart and engaged developer community.

A little bit about me - I’ve been developing, designing, managing, and writing about software for nearly ten years. Most of my work has centered around creating, documenting, and evangelizing reusable components and APIs (primarily using Java/Groovy). When I’m away from work I enjoy golfing, cooking, traveling, sucking at video games, brewing beer (the tasting part isn’t bad, either), and browsing Netflix for things to watch.

I look forward to working with you all!


Welcome to the community! We are happy to have you here! :smiley:

What! ST went out and hired a documentation developer? I am so Happy…

Welcome aboard sir… And looking forward to your updated documentation.

Jim, welcome ! I am sure we will have tons of questions for you :slight_smile:

Just remember, if its documented and not working or doesn’t exist, its not a feature coming, its a documentation issue. Fix the documentation, not the issue or missing feature.

Welcome and good luck… I don’t even know where you should start… Guess you will have your hands full for awhile…

Jim, I’d love to assist on the user documentation side. If there’s is an area where I could quickly capture and post standard ways of doing the basics for most users Dozuki style I’d be more than happy to do a bunch of the grunt work and let you pretty it up.

Thanks all for the warm welcome!

@mmlabelle are there specific areas that you consider yourself particularly expert in?

@pstuart that is good advice.

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At this point it’s the basic setup and getting things going. I’ve been experimenting with just about every app (ST or community provided), just about every device type (Zigbee, Z-wave, switch, dimmer, motion sensors, cameras etc… except thermostats and Sonos which are next on my list). I’ve had my Vera as a primary with ST as secondary, and now the reverse so migrating between scenarios/environments and replicating the functionality. I also have access to Android, IOs, Windows, and Mac OSes for cross testing.

What I find is missing most (from my own scan of the community forums):

  • The basics of how to get started beyond installing a device
  • An overview of naming your devices for later ease of use
  • A comprehensive list of what apps are available, what they do, and how to get them installed
  • How to leverage other cloud services (GroveStream/ IFTTT) to extend beyond what is built in
  • More advanced info on how to define advanced devices and apps in the IDE

I’ll leave the developer items to the developer community who are already pushing the boundaries of what is possible.


Would it be possible to time stamp to the documentation when it’s updated? Does documentation change log exist?

I looked through some docs, and they are different, but I don’t know what has changed.


Replying to my own post:

I just found out the change history of the docs at GitHub:

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