Documentation to convert [migrate] classic dth for new Smartthings app?

so…is there a quickguide or sample templates that show a classic dth vs new app dth?
[using the same dth as base how it was implemented before and after new app…]

Started to peak into the new Smartthings app and it’s actually not bad.

I have a classic dth that’s working smoothly on the classic app but wow on the new app it looks barebones.
For starters I would like to convert the classic wet alert so that they can be dismissed on the new app.

I’m pretty good at following samples, any tips on where to start reading or developer tools
( I dislike the current groovy web ide so if there’s a new ide that it’s being recommended shoot that info my way please)

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Look at the developer documentation’s capabilities part. If you have Water sensor defined as capability then it should show up correctly in the new app.

Follow the capability guidelines and it should work.

    "id": "waterSensor",
    "version": 1,
    "name": "Water Sensor",
    "status": "live",
    "attributes": {
        "water": {
            "schema": {
                "type": "object",
                "additionalProperties": false,
                "properties": {
                    "value": {
                        "title": "MoistureState",
                        "type": "string",
                        "enum": [
                "required": [
    "commands": {


Otherwise, @Brad_ST or @jody.albritton, is there any update when the documentation regarding vids and the UX will be released? One of you mentioned two weeks ago, that it would be last week, but I haven’t seen any official post or noticed any update on the developer documentation.


I think you already found it. You can provide feedback to


Yeah, I’ve just got/read the email. But haven’t had time yet to get along it.

@Smartphi, look here for further reference:


Posting here too.

Well, not as cool as I thought. We seemed to have already guessed most of this.

For example, I know that generic-switch-power-energy shows signal strength, but checking the signal strength checkbox shows no meta data found.

Guess it’s still a wip.

This is just a temporary solution to get devices with similar functionality up and running. Custom capabilities and UI not supported by these presets will come at a later date.

Just being inpatient. Ignore me. :slight_smile:

Got a reply back from my feedback submission yesterday. The support person seems thoroughly confused.

Me: Selecting signal strength with any other combination shows no meta data found when I’ve already discovered it shows for many VIDs including generic-switch, etc.

Support (14 days later): Thank you for contacting SmartThings Developer Support.
Could you please give us more detail about your Integration? Are you using custom device type handlers or the generic device type handlers examples from the Classic IDE ?

Me: Custom device handler. Here’s a screen shot from the new app. (provides screenshot to device showing signal strength). Here’s the device handler (provides github link to my device handler using VID generic-switch)

Support: I haven’t been able to reproduce the issue that you’ve mentioned. Could you please share with us some screenshots of the issue happening when you change the Signal Strength values?



Have custom capabilities been released yet?
Also I tried to understand the VID selector but when I click the sample dth I get text that I can barely read.
I’m trying to understand how to covert classic dth of Flume water meter

It works with dry/wet sensor capability but what about the additional info Gui elements as shown below? Surely this can’t be this complicated…
so that the tiles info show up on the new smartthing OneApp whatever it’s called…