Documentation Requests

Ok If you have any requests for changes or additions to documentation then post here. I will then collate and summarise for our smartthings friends.

Sigh…obviously the documentation is perfect…nobody has any suggestions…perhaps they are scared of a burn from @Mariano_Colmenarejo -:slight_smile:

Well one thing missing I think is the entry for create device presentation in the api documents.

Ok my first attempt was fixed by @orangebucket below. Perhaps instead we could improve the
The documentation page about Device Presentations and Configurations. It would be helpful to add to this some info about how these are used, , an example of multi-attribute presentations, and maybe a diagram or a concise, precise description of how Device Configs, Device Presentations and Capability Presentations relate and operate to each other

@nayelyz You did ask -:slight_smile:

Are you referring to the documentation page about Device Presentations and Configurations that shows an example of a config file and a presentation file but completely fails to mention what you do with them?

Well that as well…but I am actually referring to the (normally useful) api descriptions There is a get Device Presentation get a device presentation but not a create device presentation one. I was hoping for an explanation of the fields

Ah I see. That would be because you don’t create them directly. You create a device config, which is the user configurable bits of the device presentation, and the backend builds the presentation automatically.

I haven’t read one for a while. A couple of years back they were about 100kb plus but last time I looked they were a quite compact fusion of the device config and capability presentations. When capability presentations change the device presentation is automatically updated (in time).

You can see the fields under ‘get a device presentation’ if you open up ‘200 The device presentation’ underneath the request.


Oh ffs…I am such an idiot…

Thanks for being patient

Whoever thinks of saying something bad about the smartthings documentation I cracked with the stick!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


What do you mean by this? When a capability has more than 1 attribute or when you group a few actions/states in the dashboard view?

For the other comments, I’ll create a report.

When a capability has more than 1 attribute

Another clarification that would help

In the API section, create capability presentation, textbuttons, buttons
it says state string To focus this button according to the current status of given attribute which is mapped with this button.
What does ‘focus this button’ mean?

ok, I already requested this but there’s no feedback yet. In the last update of the app it was mentioned that there were changes going on to support them, not that they finished and they were officially supported so, it might take some time to be ready.

About this, I just tested it, and based on its functionality:
We can add different buttons to the capability tile, when we select one, that button will stay focused (colored in blue) to indicate the current state of the capability’s attribute.
For example, this is the configuration in the capability presentation:

    "label": "textButton",
    "displayType": "textButton",
    "textButton": {
        "command": "setTextButton",
        "value": "textButton.value",
        "buttons": [
                "key": "dusk",
                "label": "Dusk",
                "state": "Dusk"
                "key": "morning",
                "label": "Morning",
                "state": "Morning"

And, this is how it looks when the current value of the capability is “dusk”. The text is shown with capital “D” thanks to the value in the property “state”:
I just made another test and the text displayed in the app is the one in “label”, so this makes the description more confusing. I’ll ask the team about it.

Oooh thank you. I will play with that

Hi, @Davec.
This week there was a release in the documentation of Device Presentations/Configurations, you can take a look at this link:

As always, feedback is super helpful for us.

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The documentation rather highlights the absurdity of vid and mnmn lingering on like a bad smell in places.

The use of a four character mnmn in an example probably requires comment as many users may not really be that aware of its existence unless they have had the misfortune of using the Developer Workspace.