Do WeMo smart LED bulb work direct, without a Belkin hub?

Starting to think of giving up on EasyBulb as they don’t work easily anyway with ST.

Looking at the iOS ST app it looks look the Belkin WeMo smart LED bulb works, it is in the list to connect, but isn’t in the list of compatible devices, annoying if does work that they can’t even bother to update a compatible list. This is in UK btw.

So does anyone know if the Belkin WeMo smart LED bulbs work without the Belkin hub and just direct with ST.



Yes they do with no problems.

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Great, without the Belkin hub, and here in UK? Have you got them Bob? Any comments on reliability etc?

Yes I have them and am using them without the Belkin hub.
I’m based in the UK.
I have no issues with reliability and have found that if the light switch is turned off by mistake, they sync up with the ST hub OK when turned back on.
There are also a couple of good apps out there to run them. Smart Lighting and also Vacation Lighting Director to turn them on and off at random times to give the impression that someone is in when you are away.
I think they are great.

Thanks for the info.

Can you tell me when you say you switch it off, then it has to resync?

I’d want to use it as a normal on/off as well, do your saying that it must be on, for ST to control it? So for example if someone switches it off, then ST can’t control it until it’s switched back on?


If the light is turned off at the switch then it has to be physically turned on again for ST to control it.
When it is turned back on it automatically resyncs with the hub and you now have full control through ST again.
My bulbs are left powered on all the time and I turn them on/off using rules and motion sensors.

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