Do Sonoff SNZB02 sensors work with ST? Edge

Could anyone confirm if these work with ST edge?

Usually the fastest way to do this kind of research is to check the quick browse lists in the community-created wiki, in this case the list for sensor edge drivers.

There are at least two threads there where this model is already being discussed.

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I run a couple of them using the Zigbee Sensor and Thermostat MC Edge driver from the Mariano Shared Beta Driver channel, with its enhanced functions. If you don’t want the thermostat there is also the Zigbee Humidity sensor driver from the Smartthings Beta channel. There are more so you’ll have no problem here.


Yep works fine with stock Zigbee Humidity Sensor as well as Mariano’s driver (on v2 Hub), as do the buttons and door sensors :+1:


Thanks all.