Setting Up Second User

I am extremely new to SmartThings. I am attempting to set up a second user. When he logs in to the app, enters his email address, the app moves to a new screen that says, “Continue with [my email address]”.If he agrees, of course it logs in to my SmartThings account. When he attempts to set up his iPhone as a presence sensor, it only detects the presence of my iPhone. For the life of me, I can’t figure out what we are doing wrong.

Welcome! :sunglasses: I can’t quite tell from what you’re describing if he’s actually logging in with his own account or not. But essentially you have to send him an email inviting him to join your account, and then he has to get the invitation email and follow its instructions and sign in with his own account on his own phone. See the knowledgebase article:

Thanks! The app is technically not allowing him to log in to his account. Every time we enter and submit his email to log in to the app on his phone it defaults to, “continue with [my email]” and not the expected [his email].We have deleted the app and reinstalled, nothing seems to allow him to log in to his own account.

I’m sure that’s frustrating. :disappointed_relieved: I’m not sure what the issue is, maybe somebody else will have an idea. You can also get in touch with support:

It turns out to be a simple fix! Just had to clear the mobile browser cache. Thanks your help!